Evoke Fusion Workshop: The Body Electric
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Sat, Mar 25, 2023 from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Evoke Fusion Dance Workshop: Discovering the Story

About the Event

Who you are is in your dance. We come together as dancers to excavate ourselves, to reveal and be revealed, to become one, to belong, to play, to be fierce, to be free, to be our authentic selves, to share our stories and create new ones, to be close with each other.

Evoke Fusion Workshops are for dancers of ALL backgrounds, and
For fusion dancers who want to expand their freedom of self-expression and improvisation in partner dancing while fine-tuning connection, presence, and musicality. Whether you want to explore new ways to enhance your current dance style or learn how to fuse your dance style with others(fusion dancing), these workshops offer a bridge to all dancers to develop their artistry and connection enhancing whatever dance you come from.

Improvisational explorations from acting are infused with dance to evoke a deep awakening of the senses, opening participants to experience a wider range of human expression and intimacy of connection through music and the artistry of dance movement.

March 25th has the focus on “becoming closer.” Some of the shared aspects of the artistic disciplines of acting and dance are developing the ability to be present, vulnerable, and available for our partners so that we are able to co-create artistically from authenticity and freedom of expression. This is at the heart of creating intimacy in our dances and follows our pure artistic impulses bringing who we are in the moment fully to our dance partnership. Meanwhile, we also must be present and available for ourselves first before being able to offer the most to a dance partner. This workshop approaches the creative spark as coming from the inside out. Here we are getting to the elemental movements that come from within, and becoming more attuned with our own body and instincts through various mindfulness and improvisational excercises cultivating partner dances that are moving meditation. We will focus on the body and the senses, as we become closer to each other by being present and deepening our connection to our dance parnter by connecting with ourselves. As always, we are cultivating an environment where everyone is empowered to take care of their needs and boundaries. The music for this workshop will evoke a journey of the senses and emotions. We will explore a range of music leaning into expansive sweeping inspiring themes, emotive lyrical, and some melty micro sweetness as we become closer to each other.

Through this focus, we continue to deepen our musicality, emotional presence & creativity- while maintaining that peak ability to be in oneness with our partner. Although each workshop builds on the last one, they each stand on their own. Partner dance, like many art forms, but perhaps even more so because we create together through movement, is an allowing space for empathy to grow within us, and build an inclusive community.

* Each Workshop has plenty of time built in for integration with two juicy uninterrupted music sets for dancing at different times.

To register fill out form below and email or call with any questions or to discuss: [email protected] Call or text (631-769-6046)
$48 ($42 Early Bird by March 12th)
Venmo @Andrea-Giammattei

* Full registration requires payment and a google form waiver and agreements and must be completed before the workshop. There is a cap on attendance to keep the workshops cozy.

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Andrea has been teaching and performing for over 20 years. Andrea Giammattei has lead workshops in the US, Canada, and Europe. Andrea combines her passion and training in the arts of acting, theatre, and dance, and the discipline of psychology to create healing expansive opportunities for people to be empowered in their fullest expression and ability to be intimate and create community through the creative arts of dance, theatre, and other forms of the expressive arts. Andrea began dancing as a child to bellowing music of all kinds filling her home. Her dance background is eclectic and wide ranging with many forms and training over the years. Starting out with individual dance training from modern/jazz and tap, to ballroom and swing, to later falling deeply in love with latin dances particularly tango and salsa, followed by blues, west coast swing, and she is currently focusing on learning Zouk. She had studied with Gabriel Roth for many years, has an affinity for ecstatic dance. Both have infused freedom and purpose in her dance. Andrea’s “at last” true love of dance is for fusion dancing which combines all the art forms of dance infused with a freedom and a joyful irreverence. As a DJ, GiaSoul, she loves spinning music for dancers with her eclectic elixer of sets to evoke a journey within yourself and with others through the unique dynamics of fusion partner dancing. Andrea is also a co-organizer of The Pearl Dive- A NYC Fusion Dance. You can also find her at Dancing For Life NYC for which she is the founder. She is a longtime member of the Fusion dance collective The Pearling Principle.



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