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Sat, Jul 1, 2023 from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM

Melting Pot Fusion Dance

About the Event

Wow! We had an AMAZING first night back in December, with over 100 people coming to out to dance the night away at our new party. Thank you all for your energy and your support! We are so happy to be back in the heart of New York City doing what we love to do… creating magical experiences for you to connect to your bodies to music. Our next dance is staying on the Second Friday of the month.

See you there!



  • 8:00-9:00pm Fusion Dance Class
  • 9:00-12:00am Music & Dancing



SLIDING SCALE: Prices in the city have gone up considerably since we last had an event, but we still want to keep the dance as cheap as we can and offer some sliding scale options. Sending an extra dollar or two our way will mean we can do more things for this event in the future.

  • $19-$25 Sliding Scale for the dance
  • $8-$10 for the class

**If you want to get in free by volunteering, email: [email protected]



  • WATER: There is plenty of tap water available at the venue, but please bring your own container to put it in (preferably with a closed lid to keep our dance floor in beautiful shape). In an effort to stay green, we will not be providing paper cups for you at this event.
  • SHOES: There are no street shoes, heels or hard heeled shoes at this venue. This is a really beautiful venue with a really beautiful floor, and we would like to keep it that way!
  • COVID: We follow all local regulations of New York City. Please refrain from coming to the party if you have any flu-like symptoms at all. We reserve the right to ask you questions about your health and/or ask you to leave if we observe signs of sickness that could be linked to Covid. In addition, we encourage anyone to wear a mask who feels more comfortable doing so, and you are welcome to ask anyone to put on a mask to dance with you. Please read the local and national guidelines on vaccination and boosters for your personal demographic.



Fusion Dance NYC is proud to host a social dance with a true “Melting Pot” of different partner dance forms and musical genres.

The Music:
We play a variety of music, starting with a baseline of electronic sounds (easy to be creative with because it is not associated with any other dance form), and depending on the night may or may not include….. Pop, Blues, Acoustic, WCS, Alt Tango, Zouk, Classical, Jazz, and whatever else we cook up
Check out some of the music we play:
The Dancing:
We use the many genres of partner dance to create personal, improvisational expressions of music.
To us, this means breaking down the boundaries between dance forms to allow us to pick and choose which amongst the many different techniques we wish to employ at any given time. It also means bringing the partner dance community together under one roof to help foster endless possibilities of movement creation.
Check out some of the fusion dancing here:


We are dedicated to helping you be bold while maintaining safety on the dance floor. If anything happens that makes you uncomfortable PM or talk with Rachael Spiro or Flouer Evelyn. You can also fill out this anonymous feedback form:

Check out our Brave & Safe Guidelines:

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112 W 27th St, #402
New York, NY 10001
United States

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