Thu, Aug 8, 2024 to Mon, Aug 12, 2024

Swing Fling

Venue TBA
About the Event

Swing Fling is 4 days and nights of West Coast Swing dance fun presented in the Washington DC area by MADjam’s famous Dance Jam Productions team. Exciting competitions for all skill and experience levels, superstar show, FOUR dance-till-dawn parties for everyone, a welcoming newcomer track and dozens of social dance workshops with a world class staff of dance experts. SwingFling.com

Please also join our group page! –> https://www.facebook.com/groups/swingfling/

Intsructors, Performers



TECHNICAL AWESOMENESS Tim Johnson & Becky Larson (video) The Dance Jam Productions Team Paul Stoddard (Registration & Scoring)

MANAGEMENT Dave Moldover (executive director) Kay Newhouse (co-director) Casey Daniels (administrator)

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Venue TBA

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