Queer Swing Dance Meetup

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Queer Swing Dance Meet Up Social Dance

About the Last Event
Sun, Nov 19, 2023 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
After months of looking for a new venue that is aligned with our values, we’ve finally found a space that is committed to helping us keep this event accessible to everyone regardless of funds while still allowing us to pay our staff properly for their work, which is really rare in this city!
Please come show your support for making these queer swing events happen!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
Beginner lesson 3-4pm
Social dance 4-6pm
*There will be a teacher on call during the social dance to answer any of your dance questions and for any latecomers
No partner or experience necessary
Pay what you can
***Wheelchair accessible!
Allies welcome! Switch dancing encouraged!
Ps.: I realize some people might have religious trauma and not feel super comfy in a church environment. I assure you that this location changes nothing about our events and that all they care about is to offer a safe space for the queer community to meet and thrive 🙂 No one will be encouraging you to go to church on Sunday or “find god” or anything like that. This church is actually super cool and progressive and hosts a variety of awesome initiatives like an organization that rescues flowers from going in the dumpsters and makes bouquets for nursing homes, shelters, and hospitals; weekly Buddhist zen meditation events; a Queer Muslim Prom night; a composting service, and more! Here’s their website for more info: https://christchurchcobblehill.net/

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