Made to Move: Stories about Dance

Mermaid Swing Dancers Adapt to New Atmosphere

Last year was the 37th annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn, New York. The event drew over 800,000 people and is the largest art parade in the United States. The Mermaid Parade is so big it overloads cell towers.  Last year was also the first year the NY Sea Findyhoppers, a vibrant troupe of…

Your Weekly Dose of Jazz Music, Live From Vancouver

Arnt Arntzen broadcasts weekly shows Monday nights at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on Facebook Live. Here’s the story of how he started playing music to landing the gigs with incredible bands he plays with today.

How to Create a Better Online Dance Class

Kristen Shaw has had a career in video production for a decade. From casting to programming to production to editing, Kristen’s seen it all. She honed her skills working in live sports, and while Kristen’s primary career is in video production, she’s created a second career for herself in dance.  Currently one of Kristen Shaw’s…

How Dancing Alone In Your Room Can Be A Revolution

Jess Grippo reinvented her life a decade ago in the solitude of her bedroom. She’d grown up a ballerina but quit when she was 19 and spent most of her 20’s not dancing. She was too intimidated to take a class. She wasn’t ready to dive back into the dance world. But when she began…

Here’s A Smarter Way To Learn From Home

Here is a collection of tools and services that are focused on helping you get the most out of your dance practice at home, and the research to back it up.

How Swing Dance Can Create Connection Despite Distance

“We’ve been doing ‘meetups.’ On Saturday I arranged one for follows only. It was an hour of ways to practice solo dancing, to hone in your skills, then an hour of social time. After we had a cocktail hour.”

How Dance Changed Everything, A Love Story

“Dance brought me my career, and dance also brought me my girlfriend. It basically changed the entire course of my life. I love being able to do what I do every day.”