Epic Online Dance Classes to Try this Spring

In recent weeks, pandemic regulations have changed the face of dance instruction. With public spaces closed and social gatherings forbidden, many dance teachers have turned to a method of teaching they’d never considered before: the online dance class.

Being unable to go to your favorite local dance class can be a bummer, but now you have unprecedented access to an incredible number of talented dance teachers!

Here are some of our favorites:

Solo Jazz with Stina
Stina Dallons is New York City based swing teacher now teaching live solo jazz classes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 7 PM EST. Stina’s classes are streamed via Facebook live on her personal Facebook page. Classes are donations based, so you just pay what you can. Stina gives half of her donations to You Should Be Dancing Studios and the other half to charity.

Swing Classes with Laura Keat
Acclaimed Lindy Hop and Balboa instructor Laura Keat has taken a temporary break from teaching at large swing conferences to offer one-on-one instruction and workshops for Bal follows. She’s also working on launching instructional videos. Information about Laura Keat’s classes can be found on her website.

Dance Breaks with Jess Grippo
If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to cut loose and dance intuitively then consider tuning into Dance Breaks with Jess Grippo. This published author, entrepreneur, and ballet teacher currently hosts Dance Breaks every Wednesday at 1PM EST. Jess’ Dance Breaks are free but donations are welcome. 

Follow Focus with Natalia Eristavi
Love Lindy? You can now learn from international Lindy Hop instructor Natalia Eristavi! Natalia is creating online instructional content for swing and jazz dancers via her Patreon page. There are three tier options you can subscribe to receive online dance instruction from Natalia.  

West Coast Swing with Jérome & Bonnie Subey
Want to learn some solo WCS drills via Facebook live? Then join Jérome & Bonnie Subey in their online dance dojo! Classes are available to anyone, but a donation is requested. Suggested donation is $10. Check out the Subey’s Facebook page for upcoming online dance classes! 

Low Intermediate Ballet Bar Classes with Mané and Roger Plaut
Washington D.C. based couple Mané and Roger are a dynamic duo with decades of experience and they want to teach you ballet! This charismatic teacher team offers hour-long lessons every Tuesday and Friday at 7 PM EST. Classes are $10 or 4 classes for $35.

Structured Swing Instruction with Syncopated City 
Want to work through a comprehensive library of exceptionally produced lessons at your own pace? Want live coaching and access to a community forum? Consider a subscription to Syncopated City. For $25 a month you’ll receive instruction from experienced professionals on floor craft, bodywork, solo or partnered movement, and more!

West Coast Swing Phil and Flore
Want a West Coast Swing class every Wednesday? Tune in to Phil and Flore online from Montreal at 7 PM EST on Wednesdays. Take 4 classes for $43 from this Canadian based couple of international West Coast Swing champions.

Wine Down-Dog with Jes Ann Nail
This chill Vinyasa yoga class is perfect for any dancer. All you’ll need for this 45-minute flow is your yoga mat, a glass of wine (or other drink of your choice), a quiet space, and $10. Jes Ann also teaches a variety of dance classes including solo footwork drills and more. Follow all her classes on her Facebook page.

Want more options for epic online dance classes to take this Spring? Check out our website’s curated list of upcoming online dance classes!

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