NYC WCS Code of Conduct


Last updated: 9/26/2022

General Policy 

The New York City West Coast Swing Community is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for learning and socializing in dance. We strive to create an inclusive community that welcomes all people regardless of their backgrounds, identities, races, bodies, ages, religions, sexual orientations, genders, disabilities, and dance experience or abilities. To that end, we will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment of any kind. To meet these community standards, we require all participants, including attendees, instructors, volunteers, and staff members at our events to comply with the following code of conduct. The New York City West Coast Swing Community organizers and staff will oversee the enforcement of this code. 

Code of Conduct 

The following code summarizes the expected behaviors from all attendees at any events hosted or sponsored by The New York City West Coast Swing Community. 

Enforcement and Reporting 

Sources & References 

This document was adopted by the New York City West Coast Swing Community from the code of conduct developed by Mara Flores for The Jam – Modern Swing Dance Club, with extensive research and reference to code of conducts and etiquette guides from various entities, including the Swing Dance Club at UMD, DC Lindy Exchange, Mobtown Ballroom, Wild Wild Westie, and the Holy Lindy Land Team, and more.